Critical reflection part 2

Nicole’s blog focussed on the topic of nostalgia and the different research she has undertaken. In my feedback, I aimed to give Nicole insightful academic sources as I felt there is an excessive amount of research surrounding this topic. The first article discussed the harm nostalgia is placing onto the video game industry. I felt this was a great choice as Nicole had mentioned she aimed to gather varying angles and perspectives on the topic. The other two academic sources discussed the history of nostalgia which I believe would give her audience a better understanding of the background information surrounding nostalgia. I felt as though Nicole was on the right track and her concept was very well planned out so giving her some useful academic research would further help this.

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Nicole’s blog post comment


Emma’s blog discussed the topic of female representation in video games. Firstly I began by suggesting Emma include blog posts with her podcast dialogues to reach out to different audiences and prototype different ways in engaging with her audience. I believe it is important that Emma can identify which platform works best for her type of information. I provided her with some insightful sources that could further help her future podcasts. The academic sources discuss the role of gender in game design, gameplay and game experience. I thought this was a great way for Emma to branch into all areas of gaming within the female representation. I believe I gave Emma great scholarly articles to further her research and create different angles for her podcasts.


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Emma’s blog post comment


Steff’s blog looked into the issue of the role of females in Grand Theft Auto. I began by linking Steff a news article from The Telegraph that was narrated from a males perspective playing the GTA V game and his experiences. I believed this could help Emma by not only capturing a females perspective on the issue. The second source was a statement from the vice president of Rockstar Games on the lack of female protagonists in the GTA series. I thought this would be a great piece to include in her final works as the vice president discusses the reasoning behind female characters not playing main roles. Overall I believe I gave Steff very useful sources that can further unpack the issue she is investigating.

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Steff’s blog post comment


Throughout the feedback process, I learnt a lot of valuable skills. This process helped me reflect on my own work and assess areas of my project that I can improve on. I believe the feedback and sources I provided were useful in the sense that they helped me in gaining more knowledge on the topics that were being researched. I made sure that I gave my peers links and resources that I found interesting. I learnt that it is important to thoroughly understand each individuals idea and direction they are taking. This is where I could have bettered my feedback skills. I did spend a lot of my time researching the topics and sharing useful resources without actually giving a lot of direction on their actual digital artefact itself. Overall I believe I provided my allocated peers with great materials for their finals projects.

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